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School Girls

"I need to check your ID."

Our BFF telepathic power is getting stronger and stronger. Coincidentally, we both chose to wear skirt and bag packs. With my underachieved height, in this kind of outfit combination, I think I can be easily mistaken as a teenage school girl. (It did happen many times before.)

Life is still busy and fairly stressful. Too much uncertainty can really screw someone up badly. There's only two scenarios that I am dealing with every night: 1) Settling stuff till wee hours/unable to fall asleep as the brain can't stop thinking of work. 2) So tired that I fall asleep immediately when my head touches the pillow. These scenarios often happen in cycles as nights of not enough sleep ultimately leads to over-exhaustion. 

I hope everything settles soon. Good news is (after 3 days of flight issue drama and finally securing a over-priced ticket), I am going to Tokyo, Japan in September! A really short trip to meet up with my partner-in-crime Wendy, who I haven't seen for more than a year since Amsterdam. So any kind souls out there who has any food/shop/attraction/must-do recommendations for Tokyo, do leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!