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 Who wears a wool hat on a 33 degree celsius day

 Finally, some update and some colours, as I brought my camera out for the day. Its like our weekly catchup session with my besties. We decided to explore Keong Siak Street, which is quite unfamiliar to me. My older friends expressed their dismay at me when I revealed my cluelessness of this area. It is one of hippest place for the young urban professionals. Oh my, I'm sort of one foot into this category already. 

So we visited the area, with another ulterior motive in mind, its definitely hippy with all sorts of cafe, restaurant and pubs. The street is frequent by tourists and expats. Wandering around in my new wool hat, under 33 degree celsius, I think I was judged many times by passerby as an ignorant tourist. Owell, at least I got some nice photos. 

P.S I think I did get a slight stroke after the stroll.