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Decision Fatigue

“I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community.” 

Before the semester started, I told myself I would enjoy this last journey as an undergraduate. I should appreciate the morning rush for 8am lessons, tight project deadlines, and the weekly readings. However, kicking in week 3 of school, and I am now totally feeling the school stress looming over. I have assignments due every week, project and presentation due in week 5, and the readings that I have accumulated in the past 2 weeks can already pile up into a small Mt Faber. Things are not looking too great, I am not enjoying my last few business modules, they are quite disappointing I feel. Or maybe its just because my usual crew are not around with me anymore as they have graduated, which make going to lesson so much unbearable (especially the 8am marketing strategy class covering Sun Zi Art of War by a fifty-/sixty years old professor who has the annoying habit of snorting.) In midst of all these, I thought I was free enough and overestimate my capability to join a case competition. I admit I am a terrible group member, but somehow the group has now got into the semi-finals. This is also where I wish them the best of luck and stop dragging them down. 

Going to school is not the top of my willing list at the moment. However, I am going to gym every time I go to school, which is about 4 times a week. Surprisingly, gym has became my motivation to go to school. At least I feel like I'm accomplishing something there. That being said, my choice of outfit to school has changed to suit the newly formed habit. (The outfit game is strong for the freshies, I feel conscious walking around in school.) But ain't got time for skirts and heels, most of the time I am just in school in my sneakers. My outfit changed to mono-tone with mostly just a plain white tee (or if I'm lazy I will just go in my sports shirt). It definitely helps me save a lot of time in the morning too! Redirect the energy and effort to making other more significant decisions and to prevent making bad decisions which have been occurring for the past one month. 

Maybe after Job, Zuckerberg, Obama, I may have now too, adopted the science of simplicity.