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Times when you feel that the whole world is against you, you have to support your back. 

A new school semester has started, week one of school is all done. Everything is happening so fast, this week I was busy settling my modules in school etc, I hardly have any spare time to do some reflections about this past summer holiday. I have a whole list of things I want to share through this platform, but I feel this is not the most appropriate time to talk about it just yet. I'm not ready. In short, I've started a business. I'll save all the sweet and (mostly) bitterness of it for another time. 

Back to the topic of school, this is officially my last semester, I'll be graduating in December. To be honest, I have a mixed feeling for this, thinking that I will no longer receive student benefits starting December, that is kinda sad. It also means that I really have to start thinking and planning what I want to do from December onwards. My business/find a job (what kind of job)/graduation trip/hobo life? That needs serious contemplation, which I don't even have time to do so. 

Signing off now, I hope I will have better news for you the next time.