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Red, White, Singapore

Hi there, yes I know my lack of presence on this platform, I am really sorry. So many things happened, and I really wish I can share with you all in detail everything. However, please forgive me and give me a little more time. I am still really busy at the moment, probably much better after this weekend. And its Singapore's Jubilee Weekend, we are celebrating Singapore 50th National Day. I tried my best to add a hint of local flavors in this set of photos. All hyped up, I really hope everything goes smoothly as planned. 

On a bad note, my 3-months old Iphone got stolen last week. And now, my Macbook Pro is D.E.A.D. I erased the whole laptop and it is still not functioning well, the service center says that the hard disk is dying, I should change to a new laptop. T.T If all my electronics die/stolen at the same time, I think I will be bankrupt soon. Having said that, all my files and photos stored in my laptop is gone as well, Shot some photos recently but its all gone, these are the remaining ones found on Photo Stream. 

I promise more photos coming real soon, I got it all lined up already. Come and visit soon!