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Yea, so I like to run around bare-faced in the parking lot.

When I was 16, I love weekends as it is only 2 days when I can wear anything I want beside the unsightly school uniform. To doll up would be exaggerating. At that time, it was more like excessive accessorising. It is a rebound from the suppression during the weekdays. 

Now, I am free to wear anything anytime of the week, I realised I am actually getting more lazy to even subtly accessorise. Weekends are now mostly enjoyed with bare face and minimal layering to save time and save myself from the heat.  Over the years, I did learn that accessorising doesn't really mean to put on a million bling on yourself, but rather to accessorise with a statement platforms, or a fedora (mainly to hide the dark eye bags and greasy second-day hair). I am trying my best.