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Not too bad for a school shirt and sweat shorts.

Yes, I am back from Tokyo. The trip ended as fast as it happened, but it is a good trip, a good break from the usual routine. This is the first time I tried Airbnb, and I am already regretting not using it during my exchange trips. I could have stayed in a castle! It is a good experience, we got a comfortable apartment on the top floor where we have a balcony as big as our room. Taking into account how small the usual apartment in Tokyo are, we are really grateful to have such a comfortable apartment to stay in for our 5 days. I think I may start looking for cool apartment on Airbnb already and then decide where to go for my next trip. 

Of course, I have to make good use of the balcony. Not having enough outfits, of course I didn't bring an extra outfit for the scenario if I find an amazing balcony right, what else than to shoot in my PJ (my school tee and sweat shorts), literally. My good old Adidas jacket never fails, as always. 

Stay tune to this space, a lot of exciting posts coming up and my Tokyo travel vlog too. Did I mention I got a new lens - Canon 50mm f1/4 (and also fish eye lens for my iPhone), yea, I know I should have got a new lens a long time ago. I also found out that my old kit lens is faulty, it can't auto-focus. I did realise this a few months back, just didn't really give much thoughts to it, hoping it was just a glitch or something. Seems like, its really time to get a new lens. I didn't drop my old lens or anything, it just became faulty, so if anyone knows why or how to fix it, please let me know!

P.S Yeap, I drank too much the previous night, and was all puffy, swelled and turned moonlit, so those shades are permanently on my face for the rest of the day.