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A smile is the greatest weapon, and I am going to destroy your world.

I have a theory. My theory is that a girl only dress up in two scenario - when she's happy or when she's sad. 

It is self explanatory for the happy part. Girls dress up for special occasions such as anniversaries and celebrations. All of those are related to happy scenarios. 

The latter, it will make sense when I walk you through, or not. Some of you may have already read it on certain articles from Buzzfeed or Meme. Through a breakup, the guys usually spend their newly found idle time in front of the computer or tv screen. While the girls, in my opinion, will try their best to find back their self-identity and self-esteem. The best way to do so is by dolling up, and strut down the street like you run the world.  

So this may not be the most original theory, but it is what I strongly believe in. So guess which end of the spectrum did I land myself into?