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Time is slipping by too damn fast.

Shot with iPhone 6

End of week 4 of school, oh my god, too fast, too damn fast. It feels like my creative juices has just been drained out completely. I have not much new ideas coming to me, especially for outfits, I think I had mentioned this in my previous post. So unfortunately, or fortunately, you are not stuck with my repetitive face and poses in this post. 

Please be not deceived by the photos, my life currently is definitely not half as interesting as what its seen on these. It probably took me 2 weeks to accumulate these photos of places I passed by, cos majority of my time I was just coped in between home and school and the gym (results are so slow omg, why can I gain weight so fast and lose weight so slowly. Maybe I need a personal trainer.). I don't know why but I just feel that this semester is much more packed and tiring than the others. Maybe its my overloading of modules, o well. 

20 more days to Tokyo, I hope it will be a timely recharged that I need. Hope it can spark new ideas and chemistry. I am also thinking of getting a new lens in Tokyo, after all I am going to the land of Canon, so may be I shall just get one there, any recommendation on what lens to get?