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Will I get to the other side?

I promise this is the last set of photos from Tokyo, I really do. I know its getting a little competitive  (looking at two people trying to cross the same street for the N-th time) and you are probably confused by me at this point whether where is my exact location for now. Please forgive me that I am surviving and stretching the life expand of my travel photos as it is officially the second last week of my very last semester in university. The future has never seem to be so bleak. Do I need to list out the normal drills again? Its basically just 2 project presentation, 3 individual essays, 4 final exams coming up in the next 4 weeks. 

Recently, I have one of those weird random thoughts that float into my mind. I have been spending so much time finding a job for after my graduation. I could very well use this extensive amount of time and spend it on finding a good future husband. Won't that pay off much better? Everyone is getting their life priorities wrong!! Ha ha, jokes aside, back to reality. 

I should stop wasting time with those thoughts giving that I'm surviving on 5 hours of sleep everyday, and I am still trying to finish two more task before I head to bed. Did I mention it is 12AM now?

Alright, till next time (hopefully with new and current photos).