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Pretty Practical

Only in photos. 

Sometime, it is not easy to find a balance between fashion and comfort normal living. I shot these photos right outside our Airbnb house before I went right back in to the house to change back to flats and lose the hat as well. Being rational, I am a holiday in a big city and I know we will be on our foot walking for the next 10 hours, it highly impossible that I will NOT survive it if I had wore that pair of newly bought heels. I will be lucky enough if it even lasted me to the train station.

I think this is a constant struggle between being pretty and being practical. This is especially difficult in Singapore because the weather is so hot and humid and most of the time youngsters like us do not own a car. The hair curl/loose wave curls tutorial and daily make up routine tutorial will only probably survive half an hour under the Singapore's condition. Most of the time, I am already perspiring like a dog during my preparation period even before I got out of the house. I know, I know, if I am truly (or xincerely) being a fashionista, I should have found ways to make it work and have a million viewership humid day make up and hair tutorial. 

But, I am not. 

I guess at this point of life, I just want something that looks good and fashionable yet really easy and effortless to pull off. Some things that can be involved in my everyday life. Fashion should be an accessory to spice up your every day life and not be an extra burden that drag you down *cue music*. If you feel like you are trying too hard, try lesser. 

So like they said, just like finding a relationship, stop trying.