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Weird, its really weird.

So a few weird things happened on that day:

1. It had been raining for the past few days and the temperature dropped drastically, when I am all decked in skirt and short. On the day I decided to wear long sleeves and pants, the sun came out and its was so damn hot.

2. Just a short 5 days, and did you realised how fat my luggage had became?

3. First time posting and shooting in the middle of the road. So, you managed to spot me from the sea of people yea.

4. If you have been following my recent posts, and have been really observant, I was wearing Crocs, yes Crocs. Can't tell yea hehehe. Like I mentioned earlier, it was raining for days, and unfortunately, my Jeffery Campbell got soaked wet. I am still moaning for the loss of my beloved pair of shoes. So out of urgency, I went into the nearest store and got the cheapest and most water-proof shoes that I can find. So there it is, I wore that Crocs for the next 3 days and I personally feel that it is not that bad a fashion nightmare. & there wasn't a single drop of water than went into the shoes. I am truly impressed.

5. It was a really bad hair day.

6. It was the first time that I did not sleep at all on a flight. I watched 4 movies straight and reached back home.