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I am just about to throw in the towel. 

I. am. stress. I do not think I can recall a time that I am more stressed out than this current moment. I feel that I can get a panic attack any time soon. My head spins and hurts throughout the day, I am losing my appetite and I am just unhappy and even angry all the time. I look into the mirror and I know my glow is lost, it just looks like dark clouds glooming over, like literally my face is 2 shades darker and I do not even know why. I don't think the sun is so bad that I got burnt while taking the bus or something.

I feel that no one understands me and I can not really talk to anyone about anything because it is just too troublesome to explain everything and in the end they may not even understand. I am almost 5/6 foot step into the real corporate world, no more label as a student and I can feel the darkness and wildness outside already. It. is. really. a. scary. place.

Every man for himself.

I cannot get a better understanding of this sentence from what has happened.

P.S Please give me a good news soon before all hell gone lose in me.