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Back with a slightly brighter (literally) & lighter post today! One more week to final exams but I am taking the weekend off. Cut my hair, met up with bff and quickly got told off by her that I need new clothes. Even after walking around town the whole afternoon, none of us got anything, I guess its just not our luck. 

I still got no good news to announce, in fact, I have more bad news than good news. I had the worst Friday the 13th ever, ok I should not complain after the disasters that has happened around the world on that day. I was just really unlucky, received the rejection letter for an internship in Paris (what an coincidence and maybe a blessing in disguise?), had the worst interview experience with a Fortune 500 company (I shall not name it), and at night when I took the cab home at midnight, the cab driver totally drove me to a wrong destination and I thought he was going to sell me away. 

I hope I have slept away that bad luck by waking at noon the next day. *Fingers crossed*