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Do not listen to Christmas songs, I repeat, do not listen (and trust) Christmas songs.

It is that time of the year again where the stores are filled with people choosing last minute christmas presents and putting christmas carols on repeats. "I love Christmas season", I always hear the people around me saying this. I think that subconsciously I always knew this, but I've never really got to put my fingers around this, I really do not like Christmas at all. I will tell you why. 

Christmas, the holiday itself, just feels like the end of everything year, in fact it is literally the last holiday of the year. Thus, to me, it just signify endings and goodbyes. Although you may argue that I should be more optimistic to see it as the beginning of the new year, but when you reach my age and stage of life, you will not really looking forward to a new year. A new year, a new jobless person with no clue about what to do in life. 

Christmas gives people false hope with all those stupid christmas song, it just gives you an over expectation for Christmas. I swear that all I want for Christmas is NEVER you, I have a million things on my wish list, but you ain't one of them. I am not going to kiss under the mistletoe and definitely not going to give my heart away this christmas. Stop falsifying what Christmas means and fantasying fairy tales. I am not saying that nothing good ever happened during Christmas but most likely you'll just be disappointed and woken up with a broken heart on the 26th. #truestory

I guess this is the most christmas-y outfit I will have for Christmas, not that I am bothered by it as I am going to spend Christmas at work and counting my blessings with my good friends and new friends. No expectation of fantasy, all I want for Christmas is MYSELF (to be happy).