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Red and Green

I'm actually writing this post on my mobile through the Blogger app while lying on my bed, yes, I can't believe I have landed to this state where I can't even blog properly. I think this is also the longest gap I have taken in between posts. My bad, my bad.

So the past weeks were kinda cray cray, I was busy preparing for the Christmas booth while finishing my 3 final exams. And straight from the exam hall, I went to work. And it's already 16 days since the booth started operating (wow, means I have really been MIA for a long time). I work almost everyday, thus, no time for photos (considering the fact that these photos that I manage to squeeze out was taken in the booth next door, lol). All things good, I should count all the blessings especially in these joyous festive period. 

Alright, I'm all burned out now, I hope to have a proper post soon, till next time!! (: