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Best of 2015

Happy New Year to all!

It is 2016, the forth day of 2016 where I am finally free, mentally and physically. 

This is where a new chapter is finally starting. 

I just finished the last event, that lasted 38 days. Now I have literally zero obligations from this moment on, I have no school (as I have graduated) and I have no job (as I have yet to find one or decide what I want to do). I am basically a free soul now. Kinda the state that most people will be jealous or previously as a busy student, I will die for. However, now that I'm really in this status, I have to be honest there is some elements of fear in it. Just nervous of what is lying ahead. 

Alright, I'm keeping the sadistic part for another day. Today I finally have time (considering I woke up at 12pm) to blog proper, just like everyone else I want to do a quick look back of 2015 and expectations for 2016. #Bestof2015

First of all, I am super delighted and grateful to say that 2015 has been awesome. There were definitely tough times, but now looking back, I have endured through them, so it seems to be so minute now. 2015 has been great because it is the first year I can look back on and say that I have checked almost all the boxes of my 2015 resolutions. 

- I have read a lot more
- I have exercised a lot more (but never quite maintained my weight. Have to be more precise so 2016 resolution will be to lose AND to maintain weight)
- I have kinda fulfilled my childhood dream of setting up my own business 
- I have learned to love myself more
- I have successfully graduated from university (with an unplanned fast track too)

Those are the most important points and I am glad I have done all those. 2015 ended on a really good note, it has been an exhilarating process and I have learned so much. Now, I truly understand and appreciate "Do what you love", "Make your dream happens", "Never give up"...

Next, I am also really blessed with the people I have met along the year, new found friends as well as old friends that seen my worst but still stick with me through. It definitely would be so much less interesting and dull without them.  

Looking back these few years had been crazy; crazily fast, crazily fun and crazily exciting, just so cray cray. 2014 was great as it was an eye-opening year where I have learned, saw, and absorbed so much from the external environment around the world, 2015 was even better because I have learned, saw and absorbed from the things I have created for myself

And I'm starting to realise that I'm falling in love with this kind of feeling.

Looking forward to 2016, not sure what to expect, but I will make sure it is great, and I got a feeling it will be. For now, few urgent things on my 2016 to-do list: 1) Rest, 2) Grad trip, 3) Take my time.