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Stride down the road

You can easily tell I am in holiday mood as I am smiling in most of my photos, usually it is just my resting bitch face. 

I really need to do some shopping soon, not the kind of shopping that you just walk into the mall and see what good bargain you can find, but rather, I have specially some things that I need to get. Let me jot down before I forgets: 

- 2016 Daily Planner
- iPhone Case
- Handbag that can fit my DSLR
- Shades 
- Nude Lipstick
- Chinese New Year Clothes!

That being said, most of the items I am planning to buy it in Seoul, YES I AM GOING TO SEOUL! That is still quite far away though, in more than a month's time. However, I am really excited to go back to Seoul already, its been 2 years since my Summer School there. 

It also means that a new travel photo diary as well as VLOG! 

It is also my first grad trip.