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I guess a very big part of the good memories of Business school comes from the friendship forge during the course. Every semester, I will have at least 5 modules, almost every module will have project work, and each team probably has 5 members, so that will be 5projects x 7 semesters x 5 members = 175 project mates. It doesn't feel that many, but that is roughly how many people I have met/work with in my undergrad years. Honestly, given a second opportunity, not many of them I would want to work with again, ever. 

The few left, that makes the whole course of the project much more enjoyable, are the ones that became good friends. I may have forgotten what the project was about, most probably, but I will never forget their presence in my life. And one of my first project group in Year 1, we are a really funny and weird bunch, although we are all over the world in the past 4 years which give us limited opportunity to meet up regularly, but our friendship never dies. You can be sure that the friendship is not going to die any time soon too, especially when it has survived through a semester of you leeching on their assignments. And we are meeting up really soon, probably at the end of the month, can't wait!

So this post, featuring my good friend from Business school, who is still suffering there now, forge through our retail marketing class - ChuTong, who is also obsessed with Michael Angelo, Renaissance and Impressionism and other deep words I am also dedicating it to all my Business friends out there. Glad we make it out well and alive.