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Simply goodbye 

By the time you read this, I have already left for a far away place. Forgive me for not saying goodbye, but I just cannot bring myself to...

I kid.

Truth is, by the time you read this, I am away, in S E O U L & S H A N G H A I for holiday!!

I have been monitoring the weather and it has been snowing in Seoul the days before my trip. I have seen snow before, even a mountain of it, literally on the top of the Swiss Alps, but I am still excited to the idea of seeing snow again. I think this is common for most people that live in tropical country which do not experience four seasons. It is not an annual thing for some of us kay. Anyway, I hope I don't freeze and I better make sure I go get myself some thermals and sufficient layers. If all else fail, I am just going to plant myself in BBQ restaurants or Etude House. Before I wrap myself up and look like a over-stuff burrito, let me just enjoy the moment in this simple B&W outfit. Simple, and not that sloppy, enough for the Singapore weather. 

Pardon me for my lack of posts, at this moment, I have not yet confirm if I am going to bring my laptop along, probably not as I really want a chill holiday. However, be prepared to be blow away by my travel diaries!!