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This is the brightest colour I have worn/bought recently, and it is also the first in my closet - Mint. I never thought I could wear such colours as I am quite tanned and usually neon/pastel colours are definitely not the most suitable, but I am quite satisfied with this one. 

Don't get me started on my favourite buy of this month - that skorts. Yes, it is actually a pair of skorts, by fooling you as with the skirt look in the front, but it is actually a pair of shorts! I think I still feel the most comfortable in shorts, but recently I feel that I have passed the age of high raised shorts or denim shorts, they just look a tad too casual for me now. That being said, I am still not a skirt girl and wearing pants are just too hot in Singapore. You will know what I mean when you visit Singapore.  Therefore, I cannot be more satisfied with this skorts!

Ok, that's all for my shopping haul rant.