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Baggy Pants


Sunglasses from Gentle Monster, Coat from Zara, Scarf from Burberry, Pants from Zara, Ankle boots from Zara

Before I totally forgot about this post and that spring is right around the corner or already here, I should really get this up before its too late/too early for next year. I am a big fan of culottes, especially in Singapore where it is so hot and humid, wearing culottes are just much more convenient and easy than jeans or pants. When I travelled to winter places I got a major headache as I don't want to give up my culottes for tighter pants although I need them to keep me warm. Thankfully, the day before my trip I think i found something right in between, I got this baggy long pants from Zara. It is definitely the first time I wore something like this in Winter, and luckily the weather warmed up a little then so I wasn't freezing with the cold winter air up my thighs.  

Alright, enough of long pants, to survive in Singapore, now give me back my shorts.