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Blue Gaze

Anything can happen in the chilly March

The last day when I was in Shanghai, the temperature increased drastically to over 20 degrees celsius, when the day before that was only about 8 degrees. I was wearing my usual pants and long sleeves out, but it got so warm and just happened so, that I walked past a four stories F21. You can probably tell how that went. So I did a quick outfit change in F21. When most people on the street were caught in surprise of the drastic temperature change and still decked in shirts, I was in this blue sundress already.  I probably won't forget all those bewildered stares I received along the walkways. 

If wearing a sundress in the chill early March haven't catch most attention yet, people are probably  outrightly judging me as I posed and took endless photos in the middle of a busy street. I didn't know where I got the courage from, but you should have heard of all the terrible tales of the Chinese traffic. However, now that I look back, shooting street style in Shanghai definitely is one task that is always on my to-do/wish list and now I can successfully put a tick on it. It absolutely gives off a different vibe to Singapore streets, and more importantly, adding a little bit of sentimental values being my birth country. 

They say Shanghai is the Eastern Paris and I can not agree more. Why? I will tell  show you in my upcoming Shanghai travel diary, so stay tuned!