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Too hot, too crowded, too overexpose 

 So we went for The Local People flea market at the old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, it was soooo crowded. After the event, it was reported it had over 40,000 visitor at the one-day event from 3-9pm. The alley was packed with people, we did not even get to shop the flea market. The railway was filled with instagramer-wannabes and ootd bloggers. To the point that we felt so uncomfortable taking out my DSLR because every other person is holding one, and every other person is trying to get a perfect outfit/hipster shot, and every other couple was talking photo for one another. 

It makes me think what makes me special then?

Singapore is already reported to be experiencing few of the hottest weeks ever due to global warming, and imagine 40,000 packed on a 100m railway track under the hot sun. I am glad I made it back alive. Pardon the photos as we didn't really get to choose good spots as we try to avoid as many children running around/couples taking hipster shoots/fashionista taking ootd as possible on the packed railway tracks. That explains my semi-annoyed face.

Of course it is a successful event for the organisers and business, but maybe not really to the benefit of visitors. Or we just need to find Singaporeans other interesting things to do on weekends.