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Seoul Diary I

Always seoul good

I am finally back to the sunny island of Singapore after a tour to Seoul and Shanghai. I did bring my Macbook along with me in the end, however, lo and behold I could not find a single free time slot to blog or even to use my laptop. The days in Seoul is packed with sightseeing, shopping, eating and more shopping. We walked more than 12 hours a day as most of the shop just close so damn late into the wee hours. Therefore, we just spend more time outside, but my age physical and mental are failing me. After the first few days, I just got so tired, my feet were sore, and I just wish I can sleep a few more hours. Totally knocked out when I got back to the hotel, so no time to touch my laptop. When I got to Shanghai, I am not sure if its the internet modem or the great firewall of China, but I can't seem to access almost all my usually sites. So thats the reason for the delay and that made me brought my laptop totally for nothing. That said, I have so many photos ready to share, so be prepared for a photo diary dump, but you will not be disappointed!

Anyways, Seoul is as awesome as always. Always Seoul good. I love how there's a mixture of tradition and modernity culture in the same city. One may have Korean traditional Gingsen Chicken Soup for lunch, and chill by a hipster cafe in the afternoon, always spoilt for choices.

 Traveling from a 30 degrees celsius place to the 0 degrees Seoul, that was a drastic change. I think that age is catching up with me, my adaptability to new environment is not as good as before I feel. It was so cold, and I can feel my ears burning after standing in the wind for just a while to take some photos. If you haven't seen it on my Instagram (@xincerely_), I gone through a serious snow while I was there. I have seen snow before, large field of it, collected on houses, roads, mountains, etc, but I have never such heavy snowing. Seeing such big lumps of snow falling from the sky were really exciting as a tropical girl, while locals are dodging from it, I was running on to the straights waiting to become a snow(wo)man.

So much words and so many photos, I shall continue on the next one. For now, I really need to catch up on my sleep. Who knew holidays can be so tiring too.