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Seoul Diary II

Fishy Fishy

As you can tell by now, my holiday involve mainly eating and shopping with occasional sight seeing along the way. Partly as I have stayed in Seoul before, so most of the tourist attraction I have already been, so this time, I just brought my dad to those main tourist attractions. On the other hand, probably most cosmopolitan cities are like this too, after looking at my Seoul and Shanghai photos, they are just packed with skyscrapers and a few tourist must-visit. If you are a scenery person, most of the time you will have to travel to more outskirt places for those remarkable views. While scenery is an important factor, I think I am someone that is willing to travel to a place just for the food. I must say, I really really love Korean food. And 5 days in Seoul is not even enough for me to eat all the dishes that I miss so much. This must be a calling, for me to return there again. Recalling from my past travels, there are image of scenery that I will never forget but also food that I can still taste it  now when I am thinking back. Pork Ribs in Vienna, Seafood Spaghetti in Cinque Terre...  I really will buy an air ticket just to go back to taste them again! 

Or maybe I was just more hungry than usual then, you know, you get more tired and hungry from all the walking during your travel. Yea, that perhaps too.