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Shanghai Travel Diary

"Long Bang (浪奔)
Long Lau (浪流)

I spent a short four days back home in Shanghai. Honestly, I did not do much, the schedule was already packed before the trip, packed with following my Dad around and be his "secretary". Basically I just followed him to meet his friends etc and other times we just spent with all the elderly back home, so we did not really do any sightseeing. Therefore, not as many photos as Seoul Travel Dairies. Like I mentioned in my previous post, the more exciting and exotic sceneries requires more traveling time to the outskirt away the usual cosmopolitan city area. So one of Dad's friend most kindly drove us to the outskirt where we can still find the small bridges and lakes/streams/rivers (?), 小桥流水. 

The last day we finally squeeze some time out to go to our must-visit place in Shanghai - Shanghai Tang. It is always so scenic every time I visit, truly the Eastern Paris. It presents such contrast with the outskirt traditional architecture and culture. And it even has its own song that sings the voice of a generation of Chinese, or maybe even now. How great a place has to be in order to have its own theme song. I guess there's just that many of such places in the world.