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Trick Eye Museum Seoul

So that is what you think

I first visited Trick Eye Museum in Seoul in 2013 when I was there for my Summer school. Subsequently when I came back to Singapore, in 2014, The Influencer Network gave us the chance to visit the newly opened Trick Eye Museum in Singapore, here

Fast forward to February 2016, I got a little surprise receiving a email from Trick Eye Museum and after knowing that I would be visiting Seoul, they kindly invite me to go back and make a visit again as they had a major artwork renewal in Oct 2015 and replaced 60% of their artwork. So how can I missed that for my holiday in Seoul, especially since my dad has not been to either Trick Eye Museum so he was really looking forward to it. 

From the photos, you can tell that there are some artwork that is similar to those in Singapore to ensure consistency but most of the other artworks are new. It was really fun to go around to take photos that's messing with people's head. Definitely should check them out if you ever plan a trip to Korea or Singapore. After all, it is also ranked #17 thing to do in Korea on TripsAdvisor.

P.S My piece of advice is to bring a normal camera (lens) with you when you visit. I forgot to bring my kit lens and my 50mm lens are definitely too zoomed in for taking photos with the artworks. Thus, I was left to take photos with my iPhone, which is not a bad choice too.