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How do style caps? 

Pardon all my candid face. Apparently when you're posing with a drink, you're ain't suppose to really drink it. Otherwise, the results you'll get are seen as above. Bad decision.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon, I think the outfit justified all. Comfort is top priority when the weather is 34~35 degrees celsius hot. As much as layering would be hipster enough, I shall pass. Recently I have been wearing caps a lot, because 1) they can shield me from the cruel sun; 2) they are easiest accessories to perk up the outfit; 3) mostly because I need them to hide my unwashed second day hair. It is really the least effort accessory ever for any outfit, just find one to your liking, probably one with a cute logo or an instant catchline, boom, you're set to go.  

Doesn't my cap says it all, I really need to remind myself the next time when I'm posing with food.