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Of rashes and online shopping

I know it has been awhile, but I got a valid reason. So right after the last set of photos were taken, there were itchiness around my neck and face, and the next day visible rashes were seen on those areas. It was really frustrating because the rashes are ON MY FACE, and the doctor and I both weren't sure what caused it. I guess its just my luck, or something I have touched or ate. So I stayed at home for 3 days and I totally died out of boredom at home. I have finished my story books then, caught up to the latest episode of the most popular Korean drama now - Descendent of the Sun. Check it out if delicious Oppas and unrealistic romance are your thing. On the forth day, although the rashes got better but it is still visible, but to prevent a suicide case at home, I went out shopping, go the library and have afternoon tea. I deserve it right, to fully pamper myself before my work starts in a week's time.

But during my indoor quarantine period, I received parcels from my online shopping! Believe it or not, it is my first time buying clothes online. I always kinda have the phobia of buying online, and I think this time wasn't much better too. Cos of the shirt I got just went so wrong, no one in a million years will wear it. It is too troublesome to send back, I feel. Together I got this top as well, both from Shein, its a bit different from what I expected. But at least, I can wear this one out. But quality wise, I think it still differ from whats depicted online by a lot. See, thats the reason why I don't like to shop online in the first place. But shipping was super fast, within 4 days, while I got a pair of shoes from Taobao also, but that came in 10 days or so. 

Enough of my rant, hope to show y'all more soon. And let me know which is your favourite online shopping platform, maybe I'll give online shopping another chance. (:

P.S I wonder how I balance posting with work once I start working. Ask my colleagues to take ootd everyday? O M G