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What is everyone doing now and what I will be doing soon. 

I wanted to save this outfit for a beach outing, or a getaway, or weekend brunch session, but I am not sure how long I would have to wait for those occasions to happen, so here it goes. Most of my friends are either working and battling with final exams of their final semester in University now. I look back and thought of myself last semester dealing with all these. Somehow it feels quite distant away already. On the other note, my work is starting in 2 weeks time. So in my final 2 weeks, when no one has time to keep me companion, so beach outing/getaway/brunch session seems to be not possible in the near future, and even more impossible in the longer term. 

Honestly, I cannot wait to start work, I do not like being so free right now. I had 2 goals for myself since the age of 10 - 1) Start my own business, 2) Work in a corporation on the top floor of a building with a sea view. As I always wanted to be a businesswoman, and both of the options can help me reach the goal, so both options sound really enticing when I was 10. The latter was also much influenced by television shows I have watched. Now, I can proudly say that I have finally reached my goals, both of them. Looking ahead, I have some new goals all set. Looking forward to work and accomplish what I have set out for. 

P.S Finally a post that I am not in black.