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Now, this is street style

Let me present to you, if you have not yet knew, my bestest friend forever - Charis

You cannot call your outfit street style if you have not paired it with sneakers, or to be more accurate, Nike sneakers. They are concurring the world, or already have concurred the world. In this recent years, you'd have probably notice sneakers everywhere, they are no longer an essentials for running but wardrobe essentials now. Especially if you want to own the Street Style title, you better have already caught on to the sneaker bandwagon. I am a hardcore Adidas fan, I do have my Adidas Superstar sneakers, which I have not wore them yet but soon, while my BFF here is all hyped out and immersed in her Nike Kaishi. No matter which brand you are loyal to, just make sure if you have a pair in your closet. You can totally levitate and rock any look, simple just putting them on. Like my BFF here, looking kick ass in this feminine chic street style outfit.