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Things to do in Singapore

What are you doing this weekend?

So the other day Lynn and I bought a foreign friend to tour around Singapore. Most of us who travel abroad would know that we like to explore the new area through the local's eye rather than just being the typical tourist, you know, some things that are just off grid and not found on official travel guides. Thus, we picked some of our favourite places in Singapore which we think they are really cool and should share with others. Hopefully this post will be helpful if you're planning to visit Singapore or even locals who are finding a new place to hang out on the weekend. 

1. National Gallery Singapore

It has become one of my favourite chill out place since it opened end of last year. It was Singapore's old supreme court and then it was closed for refurbishing and now it is transformed into an Art Gallery. On its own, the architecture of the building is already very unique and eye-catching in the Singapore scene. Personally, I adore the British Colonial architecture with the Corinthian and iconic columns, it makes me feel like I am out of Singapore for a minute. (and do not have to be jealous of other street style bloggers where they have such cool street view to pose at.) I remember when I was young, I really wanted to see what its like inside this building but it was used for court purposes and not everyone can go in. So finally, my curiosity has been satisfied. 

Besides restaurants and bars, there are also cafes inside the Gallery where you can just chill and have a cup of coffee. One of them is the famous Plain Vanilla Cafe in Singapore, so you get to enjoy their pastries too. While the adults are having a their drinks, children can enjoy the various game and activities room, such as making paper decors. (Check their official website for the accurate dates and times)

2. Fullerton Area

This is an area you can visit both on the weekends and the weekdays. There are restaurants and bars near One Fullerton which have Happy Hours promotion on weekdays that are not gonna burn the hole in your wallet too big. Of course, you can just take a stroll around the area in the evening, there are a few Starbucks in the area that are famous for the view as well. Or if you are feeling the need to pamper yourself, go for a high tea session in the Fullerton Hotel!

3. Old school ice cream 

While it is 34-35 degree celsius outside, get a cheap chill of the old school biscuit ice cream sandwich  from the ice cream uncles on the street. You can find them almost at every iconic Singapore spot, especially the open spot places such as beside Singapore River and Orchard Road. It is a quick fix for your sweet tooth and it doesn't burn a hole in your wallet as it cost around SGD$1-1.50.

4. Chinatown 

Chinatown is not a popular choice to visit for youngster but it is actually quite cool to go especially if you want to avoid the weekend crowds in shopping malls. You can just have a dessert in the traditional Chinese stalls and they are famous for it. Besides, the streets nearby, such as Keong Saik Street, Neil Road, Club Street, Telok Ayer areas are all decked with new hipster restaurants from Korean BBQ to Thai Mookata to Greek food. Definitely you'll be able to find something to your liking.