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The most unflattering red 

They say Cancers are habitual people and I couldn't agree more. We stick to our habits and its often hard to be out of shell and change to something we are not used to. So you can tell I was into B&W for some time (and I still do!), and moving on to red bright colours now, its been a consecutive few posts featuring them. Excuse me when I like to be a few tone brighter than everyone else. 

Also, red is something really special to me, I couldn't figure out if its special in a good way or bad. I tend to blush really easily, like really super easily. My face turns red when I exercise/embarrassed/shy/nervous/drink alcohol. And when I say turn red, I mean like red red, as red as my dress. I know it when I turn red, I can feel my face burning. The Asian flush thing after drinking is really annoying, like I will turn red even after one drop of any alcohol-containing-liquid. It is annoying as I will always get caught for drinking and people always mistake me for getting drunk when the fact is that I only had 1 glass of wine. Most importantly, it is just u g l y!

Well that is genetic and hard to change or control. What I can control is picking a flattering Little Red Dress.