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How to gain more viewership

So do you think you have what it takes to become a successful blogger?

For the longest time, I have been contemplating about what it takes to become a successful blogger like Nicole Warne or Aimee Song. Successful as in they made a great business out of their passion and hobby. It was during the few months when I just graduated and yet to secure a job, when I thought if all else failed, I am just going to pray hard that maybe this online space of mine may make it big one day to support me. You know, desperate times make your thoughts run wild.

So I had some insights of what those successful influencers have in common. First, they are really amazing content generators. Some great bloggers gained so many views and followers because they generate not only great content, but also as frequently as possible. I tried to generate content as frequent as possible, since I'm neither studying nor employed nor having anything better to do. I try to post every other day, and the results was significant. Not that significant, but you can see the viewership number jumped. Of course, I put in effort to generate better quality contents too, with my newly bought lens. Thus, content are so important for any bloggers, not only quality content but also regular updates. This is definitely not easy. Even for traditional markerters or brands, they use to generate good content probably quarterly, but now you see your favourite instagrammers posting 3-4 times every single day. And it is not just photos on random stray cats, but aesthetically appeasing photos that make viewers like you and me marvel and fantasise about their daily life. 

Now that I am finally employed, blogging regularly definitely became a problem for me. I can dress like a blogger (meaning fashionably/instagram-worthy every day to work) if I am thick skin enough, but I probably don't have time to shoot anything in the day as I stick my butt in the office's chair for 9-10 hours. Not to mention, I won't have anyone to help to take the photos too. #singlechildwoes 

Ok, maybe I am finding excuses for myself, but I am still struggling to find the right balance and try to keep my hobby not so much as of a burden.