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Be rosy, be radiant, be irresistible

Finally not a black and white outfit. but it is still kind of a single one outfit. Stepping out of my usual regime, I'm actually wearing pink, head to toe. Pink was never my go-to colour, especially I have darker skin tone than most asian girls. Thus, not all shades of pink, especially the warmer tone colour palette, suit me, they usually let me appear more yellowish than normal. I'm glad after years of trial and error, who doesn't have that period where you are just decked with the most unstable clothes, I can finally say I know myself well enough to find suitable clothes. Fashion can be cultivated!

In addition to my final break through of the B&W palette, for once, I actually curled my hair! I have very thick and long hair, usually I achieve wavy hair by tying up my hair into a bun at home. So by the time I leave house, there will be some loose waves and make my hair look less flat and boring. Thats my lazy way of setting my hair cos I think curling my hair is too time consuming and at the same time quite a dangerous. I once burnt Cher's ears when I was curling her hair, o m g. 

After years, I got my hands round the Irresistible Me Diamond Flat Iron. I have seen many youtube reviews on this and was really excited to try it out. It is one level up than last time cos i have never used flat iron to curl my hair before, but I am really surprised by the good result of it. After some struggle of finding out how to curl hair using flat iron, its actually super easy, and you can touch the back of the flat iron as compared to the barrel of curling iron which is untouchable as you will just burn your hands. It also heats up really fast and there's also temperature setting options, that ease my sense of danger by setting a lower temperature. 

You know what, I only put on heat protecting mist before curling, and not even hair spray after or anything. But the curls last till the next day and it looks even better in my opinion as I prefer those loose big curls. Will show you guys how it look on the second day another time. Anyways, thumbs up for this professional flat iron!