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Black and White, but not boring

If you are ever curious what I wear to work, or how to style your outfit for work, here is the post for you.

I am rather short, small and young compared to my colleagues. Being the newest addition into the workforce, I want to stay humble and hungry for learning but at the same time, wanting to make my presence known. Although it is not mandatory, depending on your workplace, mine is quite chill on attire actually, I would opt for a pair of heels on most day. I just feel like I look like a high school kid and one way to look more mature and be taken seriously for is to increase my height. Naturally, you'll associate heels to ladies and not high school kid anymore. 

Other than that, majority of my wardrobe is not work-friendly, meaning it consists mostly tank tops, summer dress, shorts and newest fad of the culottes, I try my best to work around it and still add in my old style rather than the same old boring work dress. Like I said, thank goodness that my workplace is not that strict on attire, I could still wear my culottes. Just pair it wisely, looking more put together than a weekend outfit, I'm all good to go. This cutout top is currently my favourite, definitely a conversation starter when you're new to the environment. Something like, "before I start working I can only afford tops with one sleeve." Just be aware of your calendar, know when you have a formal important meeting and dress up accordingly to occasion. 

All else fails, just pair it with black heels. You'll never go wrong with that.