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I think girls wore it the better way

Women were once not allowed to wear pants, now not only are we allowed to wear pants, but also skorts, culottes and even this skorts-culottles trousers. Ok, I am really bad with names if you haven't realise. 

So tell me, who run the world now? Not only do women able to do(wear) what men do, but we can wear it even better. Oops, feminist much. 

Anyway, I have made up my mind. To fully enjoy my youth and learn to love myself fully and comfortably. I guess I have been wasting a lot of energy and effort on unnecessary things/people. More often than not, these things and people vanish without a trace, out of a sudden. The only thing that will not disappear is the love for yourself. Thus, treat myself better and be a better person. #goal2016