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Up, Up, Down, Down

The last Sunday, I got up at 8am, which is the last thing I want to do, but I did.


As my BFF made me to go and see Cassey Ho aka Blogilates live in Singapore for the Zespri event.


As she wrote 1/3 of her undergraduate final thesis on her.

If you are not one of her 3 million Youtube subscribers, and you are finding a way to lose weight at home, I suggest you check out her YouTube videos. Even if you don't manage to follow her video throughout, theres at least one thing that can be sure, you will definitely be positively influenced by her energy. 

Recently I have also started taking different fitness classes at my gym, and one thing I realised that it definitely help my day gets by better. If anything, it makes me smile when I see the instructors always smiling and trying her best to bring the class to life. And how hard it is to talk and exercise at the same time? I think both me and you know that very well. 

Start moving and be happy!