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Can you tell I am naked?

When is the last time you went out of the house without makeup? 

You know when girls starting using makeup, they always say it is just to improve whats already good on their face. But day after day, it definitely would grow into a habit. Just like myself. When my mum accuse me of not being able to step out of the house without makeup, I jumped to my feet to defend myself that I'm totally capable of that, but I choose not to. Makeup makes you feel more confident and more awake. It is also a pleasure to other people's eye (unless you are totally doing the wrong way), so why not? 

After you get it into your daily routine, I have to be honest now, that it is hard to leave house without makeup. As you realise how good you can look like, so why settle for the less right?

Today, in the name of exercise and reluctancy to wake up even earlier that I could on a Sunday morning (weekends are precious!), I left house without makeup. And I didn't even remember that I had a bare face when taking these photos. Until when I'm editing, I realised why the weirdness in the photos and realised, right, I've got my naked face on. 

It feels as good as skinning dipping. I suppose.

Why don't you try it once, and let me know the feeling on the naked face.