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Dim sum restauran's waitress not 

Its been a while since I last bought an Adidas item, I think. Although their Superstar series was a huge comeback but I haven't got my hands on it yet. Mostly cos it is sold out everywhere. Maybe I cannot call myself a true Adidas fan without a pair of Superstar/Sam Smith. And now every Tom, Dick and Harry got a pair of those, it seem to be too common. I want to be unique. Says the one that can't even find a pair before it is sold out. 

The other day, I went shopping in Adidas and chance upon this dress. It is so casual yet not too normal. My mum even said that it looks like QiPao, I tried to ignore the comment so that I don't have the Dim Sum restaurant's waitress image stuck in my head. Or is it too late? This shall be my weekend go-to piece when I get too lazy to mix and match. 

This dress will look awesome with a pair of Superstar.

P.S Adidas, can you sponsor me please, because I have been your informal spokesperson since I was 12.