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Pretend I was never here

As I grow older, I feel like I am getting more and more socially awkward. Especially in the office or somewhere I am not prepared to mingle around. You know, its not like a party where you go with the intension of meeting new people. Some situation that just catches you in total surprise and forces you to mingle around. 

I really hate, or try to hide away as much as I can when there is sudden gathering at the work place and I know absolutely no one. I dislike as I don't know how to make small talks, it usually just ends with awkward laughter followed by an even more awkward silence. It creeps into my bones and irk me out so bad. 

Sometimes I really just want to camouflage into the background. Just let me exist in peace and finish my job okay, then I can go home and chill in my comfy perimeter without any stranger's intrusion. 

Like the penguins in Madagascar who waved, said "Pretend I was never here" and disappear into the ground. I need that skill.