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I am addicted

In need of a getaway.

And when you're #foreveralone, and none of your friends are free to travel, you can only fake it then. This would be an outfit if I would be at Bali's beach or something. I really want a weekend getaway, literally, just to retreat into some resort by the beach, enjoy a book and a bottle of Heineken. I don't need to go sightseeing, save the trouble to rushing to different attractions, just let me sit by the beach/pool. I don't mind being alone, but my parents will never let me travel alone, let alone to beachy places. Not only is there is the danger of people, but also the sea. 

The curse of being single, or un-impromptu friends. 

That being said, I JUST BOOKED THE FLIGHT THE BARCELONA for December! I realise I go to the same places too many times, once is never enough, lol. Why? Its not really my 'fault'. First time went with my dad, and now I'm going with my mum. Can y'all just coordinate your leaves~ 

10 days in Spain so give me some recommendations of what to do, where to go, what to eat, etc~ Anything! We'll be traveling out of Barcelona too, so which cities do you suggest?

I can't wait! Traveling is such a luxury that I craved dearly. It is the most addictive drug of all.