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For this moment

I have officially graduated! 

Its a hell of a ride, honestly. 16 years of education (not counting kindergarten) all for this piece of certificate. It must be valuable, it is goddam valuable. So much tears, sweat and blood into this and I can't believe it is finally over. No more school for the rest of the life! Isn't that what we always crave for, but I have to admit I am kind of missing it already. 

It is funny how we were grouped into our orientation group alphabetically and now at our commencement we were seated together again. Feels like a full circle where we ended right where we begun. When we got called up to the stage to receive our scrolls one by one (it was quite a torturous 1.5hours of clapping with only 30 secs of fame on stage receiving our scroll), finally taking a good look with all the peers that have been through the past 4 years with (and the same people who beat you on the bellcurve). A tiny regret that I know so many people only by their looks but did not make friends with. And for those that I did become good friends with, I know you guys are going to be stuck with me for the rest our lives. 

That being said, the next stage of life has officially begin, strive on!