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Don't turn back if you've decided to leave

I guess everyone has that one or two (hopefully not too many) people that have walked out of our lives before. For various reasons or excuses that they have made for themselves. 

You may have cried for them, may have begged them to stay, may have tried so many different ways to asked for a second chance. Yet, they still left. 

You try your best to move on, it may be painful, it may be slow and it may be long, and only you know the pain you have suffered for them. Not like they care anyway. 

Then one day, they pop up in your life again and want to catch up. You said sure as you are generally a nice person and you do want to catch up perhaps. 

On second thought, why are we giving these people the freedom to walk in and out of our lives. They left in the first place without giving us a chance to change their mind. We took so long to forget, move on, and then one day they decide they want to catch up and the next thing you know you are meeting them at the cafe again. I don't know about you, but I am a sentimental person. I may move on but I will never forget the feeling I once I had. So I must have liked you, in general, in the first place and I don't mind hanging out with you again. And maybe, just maybe I do miss you a little. But, it is just so damn unfair. 

For once, I am gonna change this. If you really mean to catch up, then persuade me, beg me, like how I begged you to stay once. If not, like how you've turned your back against me, don't expect me to welcome you with open arms. 

If you decide to leave, just leave for good. 

Fyi - For close friends reading this, don't worry, nothing happened, just a emotional thought.