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A friend in need is a friend indeed

How do poor starting up fashion bloggers do their shoots, you may ask?

1. When your birthday is nearing, tell your bff that you don't need any physical present, exchange it for an one-day shooting/shopping outing instead. 

2. When you ran out of outfit ideas, just rip off from your bff. (Make sure you have the similar sizing as her!)

That was exactly what happened here. Although even without the birthday excuse, my bff would still shoot for me (after my 2974 times begging). *Muaks* And minutes before taking these photos, I just switched shoes, which  the only piece of clothing on her that I can fit into. Why you so skinny!

You will realise its not necessary a bad idea. You get to try certain styles from your friends before you choose to commit in them. Sometimes you just need that one thing for a special event that just so coincidentally is not owned in your closet yet. It also shows how deep your friendship is. If that is not intimate enough, we still shared lipsticks. Omgosh that's quite gross after saying it out. Not really sharing but, we just buy more colours at one go and then we can choose the ones we like more (which will not end without a fight of course). 

Yea, so we just make the best of what we got and its quite fun after all too!