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Thank you so much!

If you have been following Rio Olympics like I was, I hope you were as amazed as I was by most of the athletes. In most interviews with the medalists, they all expressed their gratitude towards their supporters, more often than not they also revealed how difficult the past 4 years of training was and also not many people will understand that kind of hardship that they have went through. 

True enough, I guess I will never understand how painful those times were for them. If I recall back to my own Table Tennis training days in secondary school and we were already complaining like hell, I can't imagine how it is gonna be like to train for Olympics. 

For every Gold medalist, there are still tens, hundreds or thousands other sportsman who may have went through the same thing behind the curtains. For Olympics, we should not only be celebrating the winners, but also give gratitude towards every sportsmen and sportswomen that have devoted their time and sweat for the country. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much, no matter which country you are representing, thank you for all your hard work.