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Just so you know, I am still #TeamAdidas

If you have been sticking by with me for a while now, it is easy for you to conclude that I am an avid Adidas fan. #TeamAdidas since 2009/2006/2000/as long as I can remember. 

I know the fashion scene has been hit by a major sneakers wave for some time already. Am I influenced by it? Hell yes. That's why I have been searching for my Adidas Originals Superstar for the longest time, until recently my uncle found me one (although its still 2 sizes bigger than my usual) in Korea. Never have I thought I would be bought over by Nike. Guess nothing is impossible (lol!), here I am, presenting to you the Nike Tanjun. 

Let me explain myself, I am still #TeamAdidas, but girl, there is a spot in the shoe cabinet that is calling for a Nike. Just one classic black Nike and I am done. That's all. Beside, it wasn't really a planned buy too, I was just shopping around and there it is, available in my size, then everything became blurred and the next thing I know, I was walking out of the shop with a Nike bag. 

And the quest of looking for the perfect Adidas sneakers (NMD, or any recommendations?) continues... 

P.S Adidas, if you stop selling out or do actually import to Singapore your classics, I would have gotten one by now!