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As good as walking dead

Let's talk about love, or the lack of love. 

90% of the friends around me are attached. Over the past few years, more of them are leaving their single hood, some even has changed their plus one a few times already. I am more or less the same over the years, appearing at gathering alone. Friends are starting to get worried for me, I think. Previously they will still try to console me that "its ok, you will find someone when you start working.". Now that I have started working, and naturally they ran out of ways to even comfort me. 

I admit that sometimes I give my friends the impression that I am really starting to panic and that desire to settle down. Honestly, rather than being sad about the fact that I am single, I am actually distress that nothing no one is getting my interest at all. 

It is like when you are shopping, there are so many stores with so many clothes, but you just can't find anything you like. I don't have unrealistic expectations, yet I just don't find anyone that even gives me the slightest tinkering in my heart. 

I am worried not that I may be single forever, but that my heart is dead. 

I don't know which is worst - having a heart break or unable to feel my heart at all.