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SH Oct'16

Shanghai through my iPhone 

It's the shortest ever that I returned to Shanghai, it is only been 6 months since the last one. However, no complains, as this time it is different. I went on a business trip and this time I manage to see Shanghai in a totally different lens. 

I visited new places that even my parents did not know it exist. I met new people that kindly offered to be my host if I ever visit them in their hometowns (other parts of China that I have never visited before). I have learnt how developed China has became (that it makes Singapore look like a third world country). Did you know you can literally do everything through your mobile phone, from ordering food to getting a cab to paying literally everything. 

My colleagues told me that they have their breakfast ordered, delivered and waiting for them every morning at the office lobby, and the best part is they don't repeat their menu at all. What's more exaggerating, she was so sick once, she manage to not step out of her house at all and had her medication delivered to her. 

It was really an eye-opening trip for me, tiring but really rewarding.